Sunday, December 6, 2009

petition for a fair parole

We, the undersigned, propose and expect the following enumerated points to be duly considered and implemented as a matter of policy governing the Wisconsin Parole Commission:
••It is a fact that Wisconsin's prisons are being over-filled at an alarming and escalating rate because of the parole policies currently in place.
••It is & fact that prisons promote ill mental health, rage, further criminality, and create individuals who are infantilized for the- most part, and counterproductive and unable to make sensible decisions.
••It is a fact that we are all members of one human race, and that as a society we should be better concerned for one another in compassionate ways that promote healing and wholeness.
••It is a fact that the Department of Corrections manipulates statistics to achieve their own corporate agenda, by ousting parole chairpersons who appear to release too many prisoners — even when the true statistics show quite the contrary is true vis-a-vis the population increases.
••It is a fact that the media yields to the DOC corporate interest and uses the manipulated and inflated statistics to instill a mindset of fear in the public.
••It is a fact that public perception, misperception and sentiment control and influence the legislature and the parole commission policy.
••It is a fact that a truthful and honest assessment of current parole policy is only making things worse for prisons, prisoners, prisoner's families/ the communities from which they were taken and will one day return, and it further renders released prisoners unprepared and incapable of making healthy contributions to society.
••It is a fact that public and prison resources are being stretched to unprecedented limits forcing the stagnation of prisoners across the board, and that this ultimately leads to debilitation and other negative aspects that are counterproductive to the reasonable expectations of society.
••It is a fact that America has the highest incarceration rate of any land on this planet, despite the additional fact that Americans are no worse than any other people.
••It is a fact that the fastest growing segment of prison populations is women and even children, that this is occurring due to the corporate interests of the prison industrial complex, which is ultimately controlling the surplus population of the lower class.
••It is a fact that the norms of society demand the best corrective measures possible for changing and eliminating aberrant behavior.
••It is a fact that the changes espoused herein are the only rational and responsible things to do to correct the many problems caused by the malfunctioning parole apparatus.
••It is fact that it is morally reprehensible and counterproductive to both the individual and to the community at large to continue allowing the system to malfunction as it is.
••It is 3 fact that it is legally unjust and unintended as a matter of legal course to force prisoners, their families and the communities to suffer the consequences of such short-sited draconian parole policies which force prisoners to serve incredibly lengthy periods of time in excess of the intent of the sentencing court.

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